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MoMA Writing Club: on Figuration, Spatialization, and Mysticism

Meet up and write together at the Museum or online. Each month, a guest writer will introduce different works of art and offer a series of creative writing prompts. Our intention is to offer a calm, supportive, and welcoming environment for anyone interested in writing in response to art in the company of fellow writing enthusiasts. At the end of each gathering, writers will have the option, but not obligation, to share some of their new work with others. Writing Club is part of the initiative Artful Practices for Well-Being, which offers ideas for connectedness and healing through art. Each 60-minute workshop will be offered twice, once in MoMA’s galleries and once online via Zoom.

February, March, and April Writing Clubs, led by Anaïs Duplan, explore figuration, spatialization, and mysticism.

Images from Writing Club: Anaïs Duplan on Spatialization, Thu, Mar 10 at MoMA Galleries, focusing on artworks by Deanna Lawson, and Shambhavi.